Faswin 4
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Please note - There are no annual licensing fees for Faswin. If you've bought it you get to use it.

Faswin is available in 2 editions.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is suitable for running on a single computer. Use this edition when a single person will be responsible for your asset registers.

Buy Now Standard Edition - $399

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is suitable for running on a Network. Multiple users can access and edit the data at the same time. Use this edition when multiple people in your organization need to use Faswin.

Buy Now Enterprise Edition - $649

Upgrade From Faswin 3 to Faswin 4

If you already own Faswin 3, then you only need to pay an upgrade fee to upgrade to Faswin 4.

Buy Now Standard Edition Upgrade - $199

Buy Now Enterprise Edition Upgrade - $329

Upgrade from Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition

If you have already purchased Faswin 4 Standard Edition and you wish to upgrade to Faswin 4 Enterprise edition then you can upgrade here.

Buy Now Standard to Enterprise Upgrade - $249

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